What to visit in India for a spiritual journey?

What to visit in India for a spiritual journey?

What to visit in India for a spiritual journey?

The objective of a spiritual journey is to develop yourself spiritually, and find out answers to the most difficult questions in life, concerning one's real identity, as well as the mission and purpose of life. The journey is a never-ending quest for peace and answers to the questions as new issues always arise. People go to the dead sea in Israel, to the Temple Circuit in Japan; and to other places on Earth to find peace and to fulfill spiritually.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, is an advocate of global peace, who has traveled many spiritual journeys to obtain personal fulfillment. He is a promoter of world peace through messages and peace education. The Indian American peace mediator is the founder of the TPRF Foundation. India is a popular destination for spirituality.

Here are some spots to visit in India for your next spiritual journey


Rishikesh is a beautiful spiritual haven where local and foreign people choose to go for their spiritual development. It is calm, charming, and peaceful. It is characterized by fascinating landscape, which is quite relaxing for meditation. Huge mountains and narrow streams all add beauty to the site.

When you are in Rishikesh, you should not miss spending a day on the hills for spiritual rejuvenation and meditation. It is an ideal place for Prem Rawat's self-actualization process through "Knowledge".  

New Delhi

The capital city of India, New Dehli, is rather hectic with its busy streets and historic sites. Even so, for a spiritual journey, it is rich in interesting places where to know more about the history of the temples and discover its culture. It is the place to visit if you wish to gain knowledge about religions and religious conflicts in India. For a spiritual journey, do not miss the National Museumand Qutb Minar.

In addition, you can also visit the Rajghat, which is the shrine of Mahatma Gandhi, and admire the beauty of the Lotus Temple, which is famous for its unique architecture.

Ganges River, Varanasi, India

When it comes to spiritual journey in India, Ganges River is a must. Most locals bathe in the river to purify or cleanse their spirit. In other words, it is essential to go there to complete the spiritual journey in India. You can only sail along the holy river of Ganges River in Varanasi.

Hindu devotees bathe in the river to attain peace within and go through the process of rebirth. It is the place to discover more about Hindu religious rituals and sanctification.

Osho International Meditation Resort 

As its name says, Osho International Meditation Resort is a fascinating black building, with a large swimming pool, where you can relax alone or in a family. It is an ideal spot for a spiritual journey. You can take a rest, read, swim, or even meditate at the site. There, it is possible to follow peace education lessons with professional coaches. It is also possible to take care of yourself, by having a massage, and other therapies.

In India, it is where you make the most of your spiritual development. It is where you can learn the different steps of meditation techniques and discover your inner strengths. After the trip, it is certain that your mind be full of positivity and happiness will fill the heart.