Which countries for a spiritual journey?

Which countries for a spiritual journey?

To transcend form the natural state of human into a more developed, spiritual being, it is necessary to go on a spiritual journey at some time of one's life. Each year, it is common for people from different religions to go on a spiritual retreat in their own country, or even overseas, for the quest of fulfillment in the transcendental world.

The ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat has visited different places to attain inner peace. If you are among those who are seeking to find mind tranquility, find out our picks for the countries to visit for a spiritual journey at some of the world's greatest spiritual retreat sites. If you want more informations about Prem, visit https://www.wopg.org/ 

Which countries for a spiritual journey?

Mt Athos, Greece

Mt Athos is located on the Chalkidiki Peninsula in Greece with very high slopes of 2033m. It hosts many Eastern Orthodox monasteries. Several strict rules apply in order to visit the Holy Mountain to preserve its sacredness. It strictly forbids access to women and male children under 18. Visit permit needs to apply at least 6 months prior to the visit. Visitors can sojourn in the Holy Mountain for 4 days.

Mashhad, Iran

Mashhad is the sacred site for the Shiites. The place name can be translated into Place of Martyrdom. It was the site of the death of Imam Reza, who was the 8th imam. He was a progeny of Prophet Mohammed.

The place is a popular venue for Shiite pilgrims; it is estimated that 15 million wayfarers visit the pilgrimage site each year on March 21, which is the Iranian New Year. The Shrine is strictly reserved for Muslims.

Temple Circuit, Japan

Temple Circuit is located in the island of Shikoku, Japan. The site is home to 88 Buddhist temples. It is the site, where spiritual travelers choose to go to isolate themselves from the temptation of the evil passions of Man.

Trekkers usually complete the 88 Temple Circuit to develop spiritually. The usual way to go through the circuit was by walking along the 1500 km route. However, it is possible nowadays to complete the whole tour by bus.

Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

Adam's Peak is located in the highlands of Sri Lanka. It is believed that Adam, the first man on earth, inhabited the mountain; and he left his footprint there. It is a popular destination for a spiritual journey and the opening season is from December to May. The site is open for both secular and spiritual pilgrims.

Mt Kailash, Tibet

Mt Kailash, Tibet is the location of the source of the rivers which are used by Hindus for spiritual cleansing and purification like the Ganges River. Thus, it is a pilgrimage destination for main Buddhists, Hindus, and other religious explorers. Trekkers have to walk about 52 km circuit in a day. Spiritual vacationers, in turn, spend their pilgrimage time praying and giving adoration to their gods.

Medugorje, Bosnia and Hercegovina

Medugorje in Bosnia and Hercegovina is said to be the site where virgin Mary appeared to 6 youths in 1981, and still appears at the site to bring messages to the world. Since then, it has become a popular site for spiritual journey; and it is said that virgin Mary still appears to 3 of the boys each day.

Golden temple, India

The Golden temple in India is said to be the most hallowed site in Sikhism, India. Its name derives from the effect of the sun on the temple, which makes it look as bright as the sun. It is characterized by the Amrit Sarovar pool, where pilgrims bathe before going to the temple.

In brief, it can be said that several individuals who are seeking peace inside go on a spiritual journey to discover their inner strengths, which is the purpose of Prem Rawat's peace education.